Setting the Table

A placemat of ideas framing the stories

The Earth to Tables Legacies educational package is a collection of stories growing out of our conversations over five years. We have chosen to bring those stories to life through short videos and photo essays, so you can see the people and their diverse relationships with earth and tables, so you can hear their voices and imagine a dialogue with them.


Dynamic Tensions

The Broader Context of Our Legacies Conversations

The Earth to Tables Legacies exchange grapples with the tensions, struggles, and legacies of broken treaties. They shape our relationships and the conversations that you will find within our videos and photo essays.


Pollinating Relationships

The Collaborative Methodology of the Legacies Project

Pollination is a process that honours inter-species relations, and describes the Legacies exchange, a cross-pollination of people, knowledges and practices.

Walking the Talk

Use the Facilitator’s guides collectively, critically, creatively

We have created Facilitator’s Guides for all of the videos and photo essays precisely to encourage critical, collective, and creative engagement with the stories and issues they raise.

Though the guides can be used individually to help a reader or viewer engage more consciously with the videos or photo essays, they are perhaps most helpful for a teacher or workshop facilitator.

Digging In
Facilitating Dialogue and Action

Engage questions and activities,
Consider individual and collective actions

the Conversation

Read commentaries of activists and academics

Digging Deeper
Resources for Further Research and Action

Explore books, websites, and organizations