Pollinating Language

Language is critical to our understandings of culture and food.1 Maternal languages of our partners include Mohawk, P’urepecha, Spanish, French and English. While some of us are bilingual (Spanish-English), we required professional interpreters and wireless transmitters for our final gathering, an attempt to equalize participation. As importantly, Raquel and Julieta understood the issues and the cultural contexts of the participants.

Raquel Bolaños, interpreter and artist/activist
Julieta Maria, interpreter and artist

In the Canadian context, French is an official language, and a key political issue in the province of Quebec. Legacies partners Anna and Adam, who live in rural coastal Quebec, co-founded a bilingual farmers market that integrates equally Francophone and Anglophone farmers and vendors.2

  1. See “Language and Food” photo essay
  2. See “Why Farmers Markets?” video